Montag, 4. August 2014


We just arrived back home from our tour with Old Soul. We had a pretty rough welcome: our home town Münster got hit by a huge storm which actually also flooded our rehearsal room... but now that our equipment is save and the mess is cleaned up somehow, it’s up to us to say thank you!

Thanks to everybody in Bremen, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Warsaw, Vienna, Kremsmünster and at the Fluff Fest for providing us food and shelter, coming to our concerts and spending time with us! We really enjoyed playing every single show so much! For sure all the awesome bands we played with like our friends from Ruined Families, Somerset, Deer in the Headlights and We Came Out Like Tigers (just to name a few), made every evening very special for us. And of course a huge hug to the guys from Old Soul who are amazing!

Our Split with Old Soul is now available on Vinyl!

Samstag, 5. Juli 2014


We're not good in promoting our own band by writing pointless statements, uploading band-, tour-, merch-pictures or making stupid professional videos.
After all we don't want to do it.
But here are some information we thought we should share with you:

1. Alex left the band for personal reasons that have nothing to do with our friendship or the band itself. He played his last show on cry me a river which was wonderful. THANK YOU Alex for all these amazing years. Couldn't have been better.
Julius who is one of our best friends is the new guy in the band.

2. We uploaded 3 new songs which will be released on a split with Old Soul by some amazing people. THANK YOU!!
You can listen to them on Bandcamp: 

3. We'll go on tour with Old Soul in two weeks.

4. In October we'll go on a small UK Tour. We'll play 6 shows with 3 awesome bands/friends: Me&Goliath, We came out like tigers and The plague project. Thank you for making it possible.

5. colossus tapes, thank you so much for releasing a discography tape right in time for our summer tour. We love you and

6. We love CMAR

Samstag, 1. März 2014

Shows and more

Next week on friday, march 7th, we'll be playing at AZ Mülheim with Suffer and Argo. Currently we're still writing songs and making plans. We are really looking forward on touring Greece in may with our friends from Jungbluth and Ruined Families. Additionally, don't forget to get tickets for CMAR 2014!!! Take care!

Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

This Weekend...

...we'll be playing two shows with the awesome Ruined Families from Greece: Bielefeld on november 1st and berlin on november 2nd! Click here for more!
Hope to see you there!

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

More Shows

This weekend we'll be playing two shows in Bremen and Frankfurt and are currently looking for some help for our mini-tour with Ruined Families end of October: 30.10. - need help! 31.10. - need help! 01.11. AJZ/Bielefeld 02.11. Berlin If you can set something up between Munich and Bielefeld get in contact with us! Thanks!

Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Next in 2013

Currently we are writing new songs for our next full length, two songs have been finished so far. We also plan to go on tour this summer in august for 10 days and there are three upcoming shows in Bielefeld on March 15th (Patsy'O'Hara LP Release!), Kiel Explode 2013 on June 22nd and CMAR 2013 in Versmold on June 28th/29th.
Hope to see you on one or two of these shows!!!

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Long time ago...

...we came back from tour and we wanted to say thank you again to all the people who helped with shows, gave us food a place to stay, shared stages/floors, drinks, conversations etc. we had the best time with you and our friends in tempest, titan and meursault. our next shows will be with our friends in Jungbluth, until then we'll focus on writing new songs for a LP.

last weekend we shared an awsome time with our friends from Jungbluth and played two shows in hannover and plauen. we had a great time with all the bands. thanks to everyone who set up the shows, gave us food and beer, a place to sleep and so much more...

we are really looking forward to playing more shows with Jungbluth in december. check out the dates:

19.12.12 Emokeller/Essen (+ Jungbluth)

Winter-Tour with Jungbluth:

27.12.12 Mainz - Haus Mainusch
28.12.12 Gera - Sächsischer Bahnhof
29.12.12 Dresden - AZ Conni
30.12.12 Bremen - Sielwallhaus

See you soon, take care!!!